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Nevertheless, the intrigue in this saga is growing as Stanton is flexing his leverage, telling the Marlins he'll only waive his no-trade clause to go to the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, or Astros - none of whom appear to be making a serious bid for him. In doing so he is refusing to go to either the Giants or Cardinals, the two teams that had worked out parameters ofcheap ugg slippers sale trade with the Marlins, and on Friday both of those teams reacted to Stanton's power play by essentially saying they were no longer interested. No doubt that interest could be rekindled quickly, but for now this appears to be something of a staredown: Is Stanton really be willing to play another season in Miami if Jeter & Co. have stripped the team bare around him, starting with Thursday's trade of Dee Gordon to the Mariners? Or will he cave at some point and agree to go to St. Louis or San Francisco? On the other hand, at what point will the Marlins blink first? Do they get desperate enough to eat a significant portion of his contract, to the point where the Dodgers - or even the Yankees - can't say no?