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Qui-Gon Jinn’s role in the prequels was also somewhat curtailed. The Jedi was originally supposed to play a much larger part in the films, returning as a Force Ghost to try to prevent Anakin’s eventual embrace of the Sith. An iteration of this idea still appears in The Clone Wars animated series, where Qui-Gon appears to Obi-Wan to speak about Anakin’s path. Qui-Gon was also notably closer in age to Obi-Wan in the original plans for The Phantom Menace, with Anakin a teenager instead of a child. 8. Of course, there’s no mentioning the Star Wars prequels without mentioning Jar Jar Binks. Despite being such an outsize personality on his own, Jar Jar was at one point meant to have a sidekick as well, in the form of a doglike creature called a blarth. Though the creature obviously didn’t make it into the series, The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide still has a record of it, describing it as having a “constant desire for attention.” 9. Jar Jar was also meant to be even more comical (if you can believe it). His bones were to be made of elastic, which would alter his body shape in different levels of gravity and under different levels of pressure to maximize his potential for expression. Luckily, his final design wasn’t quite so

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