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It will not derail Brexit but MPs who voted against the government hope it will give them a bigger say in the final deal Theresa May strikes with Brussels. The government had promised a "meaningful vote" for MPs on the final Brexit deal,cheap real uggs but this defeat means that promise now has legal force and must happen before any UK-EU deal is implemented in the UK. Ministers had resisted this move because they wanted the ability to start implementing any deal as soon as it was agreed - in case, for instance, it was only agreed at the last minute. BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said it would embolden the opposition and showed there was a majority in Parliament against a "hard Brexit". Cabinet Minister Jeremy Hunt told BBC Radio 4: "I don't think it should be a surprise that in a hung Parliament, Parliament wants to reassert its right to scrutinise the process. "But we should also be clear this isn't going to slow down Brexit, it's not going to stop Brexit."cheap uggs He was asked whether the vote meant MPs would now have the power to force the government back to the negotiating table if they don't like whatever Brexit deal is negotiated between the UK and the EU. Mr Hunt said: "Parliament can say whatever it wants but of course renegotiation is something that involves two parties."

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