Benefits of Being a Chinatown Resident in Singapore

Benefits of Being a Chinatown Resident in Singapore

Different Factors Which Will Convince You to Become a Chinatown Resident

Benefits of Being a Chinatown ResidentIf you are a qualified professional seeking employment in Singapore, you should seriously consider staying in Chinatown. There are several benefits of staying in Chinatown, such as its close proximity to Singapore’s CBD, the chance to be a part of the rich Chinese culture, the opportunity to participate in annual festivals, and much more. It is also advisable to acquire a Personalised Employment Pass while searching for a suitable job in Singapore. The pass provides various benefits, including letting you stay for as long as six months to land the right job.

The Advantages of Living in Chinatown

You get the following benefits by living in Chinatown:

Explore the Rich Culture That Blends the New With the Old

Singapore’s Chinatown is known for its rich culture, and you will find here a blend of the traditional and the modern. You will see old medicinal houses selling Chinese roots and herbs for ailments, along with modern restaurants and housing complexes.

Discover About the Lifestyle of Early Chinese Migrants

In Chinatown, you can explore the history of Singapore’s earliest inhabitants and discover their lifestyles. The present-day Chinatown came into existence when Chinese migrants left their homelands due to political unrest, famine, and drought in the 19th century and settled in the south of Singapore.

Try the Various Health Therapies

There are Chinese massages or therapies from acupuncturists you can try for better health. If you want a spiritual experience, you can visit Hindu temples, mosques, or Chinese temples near each other.

Enjoy Authentic Chinese Food and Drinks

If you are a food lover, there are numerous options for you, with hundreds of local food stalls lined up on streets besides restaurants and building complexes. You will find popular nightspots where you can dine and drink close to Chinatown at Keong Sik Street, Club Street, or Ann Siang Hill. You can even enjoy imported craft beer at some local coffee shops

Commute Easily to CBD and Other Regions

The recently developed Downtown MRT line places Chinatown just a little distance away from the city center. You get cheap accommodation at old complexes like People’s Park Complex. Alternatively, you can stay at one of the recent condominium developments and be near to the Chinese neighbourhood. Chinatown is ideal if you want to be a part of the Chinese cultural activities but need to travel to the city center for work

Commute Easily to CBD and Other Regions

From Chinatown, you can reach CBD, which is 12.7 km away, in less than 40 minutes by car. This makes it convenient for people with families to stay in Chinatown and commute quickly to their workplaces at CBD. You can also reach Changi Business Park in under 55 minutes by car, Jurong International Business Park in less than 50 minutes, and Tuas in under 75 minutes by car.

Overview of the Personalised Employment Pass

The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) was an initiative launched by the Singapore government to improve job flexibility for senior foreign executives employed in Singapore. The pass helped attract talented and experienced executives from foreign countries. With the pass, you can stay for six months while looking out for new jobs in Singapore. This allows you to explore different job opportunities in various sectors before selecting the best one suited for y our career. You get the pass based on your qualifications, experience, and previous drawn salary.

The Benefits Derived From the Personalised Employment Pass

  • One significant advantage is that you can apply for this pass even before getting a job in Singapore
  • The pass has a validity of three years
  • The pass holder is not bound to any single employer
  • You do not have to cancel or make a new application for every job change
  • You can work in any industry or sector of your choice
  • You can stay for six months even before you get a suitable job
  • You do not require a Singapore company sponsor to apply for the pass

The Personalised Employment Pass is a boon to foreign, well-qualified senior executives who want to explore fresh employment opportunities. It provides greater flexibility than other passes since it does not bind you to any one organization or employer. With the pass, you can stay in Chinatown and enjoy the benefits of easy commuting to your workplace in the CBD. You can also enjoy your personal life being a part of the rich, vibrant Chinese culture.

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