Best Aesthetic Hostels in Chinatown

Best Aesthetic Hostels in Chinatown

Top Aesthetic Hostels in Chinatown with Good Value for Money

Best Aesthetic Hostels in ChinatownLuxury is not necessarily a big expense when you’re in Chinatown, especially nowadays when it’s becoming a growing trend there. Businesses left and right capitalize from this very niche by marketing it as an affordable, achievable experience.

For instance, you can find aesthetic hostels in Chinatown where you can be relaxed and at the same time enjoy its artistically-crafted structure. Indeed, a true haven for those who want photo-worthy backdrops and a chill and relaxing ambience for your weekend getaway.

Here’s the list of few aesthetic hostels that will surely be worthy of your stay:

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Wink Capsule Hostel

Wink Capsule Hostel is among the first hostels in the world to offer custom-designed pods for true privacy and comfort. It is situated in the centre of the bustling city of Singapore where you can enjoy a mix of modern and traditional architecture and culture of Chinatown. If you are looking for a hostel where you can have easy access to places, then this place to be. It is very close to the MRT station, where you can traverse different museums, street markets, and parks.

If you find staying in a capsule-style room exciting, then here are other necessary things you need to know.  All rooms come with air conditioning, a complimentary breakfast, and free high-speed Wi-Fi. Image credit: Tripadvisor

As for rooms themselves, they don’t feel too cramped at all. In fact, they are spacious and soundproofed. The hotel has complete amenities, from a soft backlight to a built-in locker, as well as the friendliest staff. It has double pods perfect for couples as well as private group and family rooms. Of course, the most important, it has a price starting at S$46.

You can contact the hotel via:

  • Address: 2B, McCallum Street, Singapore 059488
  • Phone: (+65) 6817 0084
  • Email:
  • Website:

Looking for customers’ reviews? Don’t worry because it garnered mostly 5/5 review ratings from Airbnb, 8.4/ 10 with, 4.3/ 5 with Google reviews, and 4.0/5 with Tripadvisor. The outstanding projection of review ratings from their customers magnifies its recommendation and truly serves quality and affordable stays for all of its tourists.


MET A Space Pod Boat Quay

Are you looking for an out-of-this-world staycation? MET A Space Pod is serving you a space-themed hostel, giving you the impression of being one of those characters in SCi-Fi movies. Don’t worry about the expense because it fits with your budget in an aesthetic hostel in Chinatown.

In 2014, it pioneered all of the capsule hostels in Singapore, serving their guests a unique happy weekend getaway. The guests loved the place because it is a few walks away from great local street foods, a mouth-watering hawker centre, and a cosy cafe. Because this hotel has close proximity to Chinatown MRT Station, Chinatown Point, and Sri MaMariamman, you can basically do a daytime tour in Chinatown. Further, the most likeable elements about this hostel are its amenities, which are:

  • High-speed Wi-fi;
  • Complimentary breakfast;
  • Personal lockers;
  • Air-conditioned rooms.

Rooms can cater to a single traveller, and couples with their Deluxe Single Pod, and Double Space Pod with the latter. Room price starts at S$36.30 with primary needs like hairdryer, towels, soap and shampoo, free Wi-fi, and lockers. Also, it has 4.2/ 5 Google review ratings with highly recommending comments from their past guests.

You can locate this hostel via:

  • Address: 46 B Smith Street, Singapore 049840
  • Phone: (+65) 6909 0172
  • Email:

Affordable Hotels Under 100 USD in Chinatown

Bunc Hostel

Having fun with our hostel tour? Then, let’s go to our next hostel– the Bunc Hostel. Being one of the largest hostels in Singapore, Bunc has an industrial look where you can feel the cosy ambience of the place. It has a huge dining area, activity rooms with comfy bean bags where you can bond with your family and friends. Besides, it has an iMac station and a fun room which has a flat-screen TV.

The monochromatic tone of the dorms made the hostel perfect for your minimalist-themed photoshoot. Rooms can cater 6-16 beds with a price range of S$24.30- S$30.60. But if you want to upgrade your stay with their deluxe double room, it costs S$128.70. With its price range, it is truly applauded by their guests which reflected their reviews in Tripadvisor and which respectively garnered ⅘ and 7.6/ 10 review ratings.

You can contact the hostel via:

  • Address: 15 Upper Weld Road, Little India, Singapore, Singapore 207372
  • Telephone: (+65) 6262 28 92


Five Stones Hostel

Five Stones Hostel is a vibrant, colourful, and full of life hostel that all are wishing for. It is based on the board game named Five Stones Hostel. Every room has a cute and bubbly interior design that projects youthful living. This is perhaps a place where you can relive your childhood memories.

It has a selection of rooms like Private rooms, Ladies Only Dorms, and Mixed Dorms.  Mixed and Ladies Only Dorms have 4-10 beds and the price range is S$30- S$37 per pax per bed while Private and Twin Rooms have a much higher price range of S$90- S$105 per room per night. It has a maximum of 2 occupancies.

Your money is worth spending on their amenities like:

  • Electrical power sockets;
  • Individual lockers;
  • Reading lights;
  • Complimentary breakfast;
  • High-speed Wi-Fi;
  • Self-service laundry facilities;
  • Hairdryer and ironing facilities.

Five Stones Hostel garnered a high approval and recommending rating from its past guests. It has 4.1/ 5 and 7.8 review ratings from its website and

You can contact and book via:

Best Aesthetic Hostels in Chinatown



Are you an active traveller who wants to explore the city day and night? Then, Hipstercity is the best place to go. It is located at the heart of Singapore where you can enjoy the bustling city in your daytime tour and enjoy the nightlife in the city. It is surrounded by lights and entertainment in its neighbourhood. And, if you are looking for nearby malls and shopping centres, it is a stone’s throw away from its location.

With its interior and exterior design, you can easily perceive an energetic yet relaxing place for youth travellers and even the young at heart. An extravagant accommodation and friendly staff are their strengths from other hostels around the city. Definitely, travellers will always come back to this place because of its services.

With a price range of S$45 – S$49, you can enjoy their Double Loft Bed and Double Private Bed. Affordable hostels are not complete without their amenities. So, here are the amenities of this hostel:

  • Serves a variety of breakfast options;
  • Garb and Go drinks and snacks;
  • Movie lounge;
  • Convertible beds and desks for private working spaces;
  • Loft-type beds for maximized space.

It has outstanding reviews from the guests with 9.1/ 10 from and 4.6/ 5 from Google reviews. Those reviews show how accommodating and beautiful the place is.

You can locate and book via:

  • Address: 9 Circular Road, Singapore
  • Telephone: (+65) 6816 6200
  • Email:
  • Website:


Beary Best! Kampong Glam

This hostel is situated along the most historically significant Arab street, a place for you to immerse with the culture of Kampong Glam. It has 3 large floor spaces, airy dorms, hallways, a pantry area, and a little outdoor patio.

It has 6-10 Bed Mixed Dorms with a green and yellow motif in its interior design. The price range is from S$25- S$28. Because of its location, accommodations, and captivating interior designs, it garnered 4.5/ 5 overall review ratings from Tripadvisor and was awarded as Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice of 2020.

You can check-in and contact the hostel via:

  • Address: 16 Upper Cross Street, Singapore
  • Telephone: (+65) 6222 4957
  • Email:
  • Website:

Treat yourself to a getaway by booking these amazing aesthetic hostels in Chinatown where you can both enjoy beauty and leisure at the same time. You can contact us for the best deals on these hostels.