Best Places to Work in Singapore According to Your Industry

Best Places to Work in Singapore According to Your Industry

Find Out the Different Places to Work in Singapore

Best Places to Work in Singapore According to Your Industry
Singapore is emerging as the preferred destination by foreign expats to find suitable job opportunities or set up businesses. This is not surprising since Singapore is one of the most prosperous economies in the world. Over the last decade, the nation’s economy has grown speedily fueled by the government’s positive attitude towards foreign investment. Several companies have sprung up in Singapore due to factors like political stability, low taxes, well-developed transport and communication facilities, and government incentives. Work conditions in Singapore are better than most Asian countries, with attractive salaries and several other benefits Qualified people all over the world move to Singapore to explore job opportunities in various sectors. If you are a professional with special talents in a particular field, you must consider relocating to Singapore to find your dream job. The working conditions here are the best, and you will easily adapt to the friendly locals with their welcoming attitude. You will love working at the well-developed, modern business districts that have come up everywhere in the country. Depending on your sector, you can work in any of these districts and enjoy the benefits of the world-class amenities available.

Prominent Business Districts in Singapore Where You Can Work

Let us study in detail what some of these business districts have to offer:
  • Changi Business Park

    It is turning into a popular finance and tech hub with the presence of firms like Huawei and DBS. The business park is reputable for its futuristic look with excellent amenities like container gyms, trendy meeting spots, and sleek office spaces. The creative office designs aim to inspire the employees and enhance their productivity. Another significant advantage is that it is less crowded than other such business districts
  • Punggol Digital District (PDD)

    This district aims to house modern digital industries like the Internet of Things and cybersecurity. Its vision is to combine academia and industry together to share workspaces and ideas, thus encouraging teamwork to develop new innovative technologies. It has excellent features like a Centralized Logistics Hub, where goods can be dropped and picked up. There is a District Cooling System that saves energy costs by enabling centralized cooling. The Smart Energy Grid promotes energy efficiency by helping consumers use clean energy sources
  • Woodlands Regional Centre

    With 100 hectares of developable land, the Center proposes to serve the Food Corridor and Northern Agri-tech sector in Singapore. There will be several offices, business parks, and industrial spaces along Woodlands North Coast and Woodlands Central. It aims to create numerous job opportunities for residents belonging to the North. The proposed transport hubs will connect the Woodlands Regional Centre through MRT and bus to prime destinations around Singapore
  • Big Box Mall to be converted to a Business park

    Perennial Real-estate Holdings is converting the well-known Big Box mall in Jurong East to a business park. The property, to be named Perennial Business City, will be a large commercial and regional center. The park will serve tenants belonging to sectors like biomedical sciences, consumer goods, Infocomm technology, and finance. The park’s prominent features include a large rooftop garden with an amphitheater, vast car-park spaces, and large floor plates.
Best Places to Work in Singapore According to Your Industry

Benefits of the Singapore Employment Pass

The advantages of the pass are:
  • It permits you to live and work in Singapore or travel to and from the country without requiring entry visas
  • It helps you apply for permanent residence (PR), provided you work for more than two years holding the pass
The Singapore Employment Pass helps you attend job interviews, work in companies, and stay in Singapore for more than six months. You can also get a dependent pass for your spouse and children. Thus, with a Singapore Employment Pass, you get the flexibility to enter and exit Singapore without worrying about airport immigration clearance formalities. After securing your dream job in your chosen industry, you can work in a Singapore business park enjoying all the modern amenities it provides. If you’re looking for affordable places to stay in, you can always rely on some of the outstanding hotels in Chinatown. Visit our page to know more.