Things to Do At Night Around Chinatown Singapore

Things to Do At Night Around Chinatown Singapore

Visiting Singapore’s Chinatown during the day is an enchanting experience. The majestic temples, cultural landmarks, and rich heritage will welcome you into the destination. A day trip to Chinatown is an experience you will forever remember. However, as soon as the sun sets, this daytime Chinatown that we all know and love immediately transforms. It turns into a buzzing and lively nightlife district home to speakeasies, supper pots, and award-winning bars. 

Spending a night in Chinatown is another equally esoteric centre ambiences neighbourhood that is home to narrow lanes and shophouses with popular party spots. There is an abundance of restaurants, bars, and clubs in this area for you to try. If you are excited to know more about the things to do at night around Chinatown, read on!

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Karaoke Outlets

Chinatown has several karaoke outlets visited by the young and the young at heart alike. Here, residents and tourists can sing loudly to their hearts’ content. They may also order food and drinks during their stay in these karaoke outlets.

Tang Music Box

Tang Music Box is a Chinatown karaoke outlet that takes pride in its new and cool entertainment concept. In this establishment, guests may also shop for their favourite snacks in between karaoke sessions! Moreover, they may socialize with other guests in The Meeting Place, the main hall of this outlet. 

This karaoke place offers excellent customer service. Their staff is very efficient, friendly, and professional. Customers would not have to worry about being neglected since staff members are very eager to answer their needs.

Party World KTV

Party World KTV has nicely-decorated and spacious rooms. Moreover, this karaoke outlet boasts LED warm lighting, LCD screens, and top-tier sound systems. Customers can ensure that they will have the best experience here since this place has high-quality equipment.

Backstage Bar / May Wong’s Cafe / Tantric Bar

You can find this 3-in-1 venue in Neil Road, the epicenter of the LGBT community in Singapore. This lively bar trio is an inclusive space home to the gay nightlife scene. Backstage Bar was the pioneering karaoke outlet among the three bars. However, guests also equally frequent the two other bars. These establishments play dance music all night and serve fun cocktail drinks.

Things to Do at Night Around Chinatown Singapore

Bars and Restaurants Around Tanjong Pagar

Tippling Club

You can visit the Tippling Club on Daxton Hill at Tanjong Pagar. This club is an experimental cocktail bar that is famous for its Alice-in-Wonderland-like ambiance. Tippling Club adapts a bistro-style seating. Guests frequent this club to try out the city’s top mixologist’s creation cocktails. 

Kko Kko Nara

Kko Kko Nara has the best fried chicken in the area! If ever you find yourself along Tanjong Pagar Road at night, you should visit this eatery. This establishment is an excellent option for large groups due to the available space inside. Moreover, Kko Kko Nara is open until 3 am, so you and your friends would not have to worry about closing time.


If you are into the retro aesthetic, Nineteen80 is the perfect party hangout spot for you. In this discotheque and arcade bar, you may rediscover the joys of retro and relive the ‘80s and ‘90s experience. This club has a collection of old-school videogame classics such as Street Fighter 2 and Metal slug! The DJ also spins tunes that will take you back to the Bon Jovi era.

Dining Around Chinatown

Chinatown Complex Food Center

Chinatown Complex Food Centre is home to 200 food stalls, so you would never run out of choices in this establishment. Hungry locals and tourists alike often gather in this food center. Thus, when you plan to visit, make sure to drop by early in the night to avoid getting stuck in long queues. 

Chinatown Street Market

The street markets in Pagoda Street, Sago Lane, Trengganu Street, Temple Street, and Smith Street are night market havens. These streets have hundreds of stalls that sell everything that you can imagine. Besides shopping carts, you can also find street food carts that sell crispy duck and fresh dim sum. When visiting, bring your best haggling skills! Practice the art of negotiating with street vendors with a smile.

Bars around Clarke Quay and River Valley


Dance music lovers should visit Zouk, the first real superclub in Singapore. Zouk has been at the forefront of Singapore’s nightlife scene for a while now. This superclub houses not only local pioneering DJs but also international names such as Tiesto and David Guetta. 

Crowds visit Zouk for the music and the DJ line-up. Zouk is an enormous venue comprising inter-connected clubs and zones, allowing party-goers to switch bars with ease. You can visit this massive warehouse turned-club at Jiak Kim Street on Clarke Quay.


Attica is one of the most popular clubs in Singapore. You can find it on Clarke Quay’s waterfront, so it is very accessible to local and international guests. Attica is the perfect fashionista venue. Guests drop by Attica to look expensive and pretty, listen to tunes and bops, and flaunt their money.

Attica has recently revamped its interior, which increased its appeal to the public. This club has hosted international celebrities such as Paul Oakenfolk. Attica is a spacious establishment with four different areas and four different ambiances. The main room has a party pop soundtrack, while the other rooms have different vibes such as hip hop and electronic.

Have the Best Time With Chinatown’s Rich Nightlife!

The above were the best places to visit during the night around Chinatown. You can visit Chinatown 365 days a year, seven days a week. However, some establishments have special offers during Singapore public holidays, such as the Chinese Lunar New Year. On the other hand, some establishments may also close on these dates. Thus, it will be wise to contact the place you want to visit and inquire about their opening hours to save time and resources.

Moreover, conduct thorough research regarding the safety protocols of establishments before dropping by. In these unprecedented times, health and safety should always come first. While having fun is vital, staying safe should always be your top priority.