Live and Work as a VIP in Singapore - Personalized Employment Pass

Live and Work as a VIP in Singapore – Personalized Employment Pass

Reside Like a VIP in Singapore Once You Become Eligible for PEP

Live and Work as a VIP in Singapore - Personalized Employment Pass

The rapidly growing economy has led to several businesses mushrooming in Singapore in recent years. Consequently, this has increased the demand for skilled and experienced professionals in companies in various sectors. Aiming to attract more highly-qualified foreign employees to its industries, the Singapore Government launched the Personalized Employment Pass. The pass, valid for three years, provides more flexibility and benefits than other work passes.

Benefits Received by Holders of Personalized Employment Pass

It allows the following benefits:

  • It lets you stay in Singapore for six months while seeking jobs
  • You can apply for the pass before you get employed
  • It does not tie you down to one employer
  • You can work in any sector or industry in Singapore
  • It allows you to weigh job options in various sectors
  • If you change jobs, you do not have to cancel or apply again for the pass
  • You can get dependent passes for your spouse and children

Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to satisfy certain conditions to apply for the pass. They are:
    You must be a foreign employee working in another country, drawing at least S$18000 as a salary. This salary should be within six months before the date of application
  • You have to be a P1 Employment Pass Holder getting S$12000 fixed salary

Advantages of Working in Singapore

Thousands of people all over the world come to work in Singapore every year. The main reason for this is that Singapore provides the best prospects for career development than other Asian nations. Other reasons include superior life quality and numerous tourist attractions. Let us examine each factor in detail:

  • Immense job opportunities: Singapore’s economy is booming, and there is a growing demand for well-qualified executives. Companies are offering competitive salaries and other benefits to lure foreign employees. You can expect to receive an excellent salary with perquisites if you are an engineer, doctor, software programmer, or any other professional. Employees in Singaporean companies receive benefits like education, healthcare, childcare, and more.
    Getting a work permit is an easy online process, not requiring queuing or submission of various documents. After working for a year, you can also apply for permanent residency. There will not be any problem adjusting to people at your workplace since English is the main working language. Singaporeans’ welcoming attitude towards foreigners is another benefit you derive.
  • Superior life quality: Singapore is known for its exceptional quality of life it provides its residents. Locals are very warm towards foreigners, and you will not find any issue of racial discrimination. Crimes are also non-existent, and you need not worry about the safety of your belongings or valuables. Singapore is notable for its clean environment the world over. Commuting to any place is easy with the world-class rail system, taxis, and bus services. Temperatures are comfortable and remain moderate throughout the year from 22 to 34 degrees.
    The city’s closeness to neighboring Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, or Thailand is another great advantage. You can enjoy vacations with family at any of these places since commuting, whether by air or bus, is cheap and convenient.

Tourist Attractions in Singapore:

There are many places to visit and exciting things to do in Singapore during your leisure hours. From Singapore, you can easily commute to any APEC nation to have a good time with your family.
Here are some significant places to visit and activities you can do in Singapore:

  • You can visit and admire the renowned, stunning architectural structures like the magnificent Esplanade or the Victoria Concert Hall.
  • Food options are excellent in Singapore, with numerous street food stalls selling noodles or dim sum. You could also dine at the modern, well-equipped restaurants that offer international cuisine and authentic local food</li.
  • Districts like Marina Bay are exciting places to visit with your family. It has iconic landmarks like Gardens by the Bay known for its conservatories, such as the Flower Dome with beautiful seasonal flowers.
  • You can visit the Singapore Flyer, Asia’s largest observation wheel, to take breathtaking views of the city
  • There are various activities you can try, like Bungy Jumping at AJ Hackett. You can explore the S.E.A Aquarium to observe the thousands of interesting marine species
  • Try riding the Singapore Cable Car to get a panoramic view of Singapore’s oldest hilltop, Sentosa
  • Pay a visit to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Be amazed at the true to life sculptures of famous personalities

Moving to Singapore would be a turning point in your life since you are assured of excellent career prospects and superior life quality. By obtaining the Personalized Employment Pass, you get a chance to explore many career options in any industry you choose. It also provides the chance to locate a suitable place to reside from where commuting to your workplace is convenient.

Live and Work as a VIP in Singapore - Personalized Employment Pass

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