Nature Trails in Chinatown To Visit or Burn Some Calories

Nature Trails in Chinatown To Visit or Burn Some Calories

Nature Trails in Chinatown in Singapore For a Peaceful Heart

Nature Trails in Chinatown To Visit or Burn Some CaloriesAre you planning to take your wanderlust to the next level? Then, nature trails in Chinatown are places where you can do both nature-hopping while burning some calories. Exercising while looking at the landscapes and feeling the breeze coming from the burgeoning greeny trees are some things to look forward to when you visit these picturesque Chinatown spots.

A nature aficionado is not going to skip 3 best nature trails in Chinatown:


The Southern Ridges

Let’s unveil the list with this naturally and artistically sculpted nature trail in Chinatown, The Southern Ridges. Be ready to capture some momentous lifetime experiences away from the buzz of a busy city.

The Southern Ridges is home to rich flora and fauna, an awesome 10 km greeny, open spaces that connect:

  • Mount Faber Park
  • Telok Blangah
  • Hill Park
  • Hort Park
  • Kent Ridge Park
  • Labrador Nature Reserve

These ridges are perfect for your walking, and/or jogging. A place where you can be motivated by just looking into the beauty of nature.

In this place, you can traverse to Henderson Waves,  the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore with a measurement of 36 meters above Henderson Road. It has a dramatic wave-like structure consisting of a series of undulating curved ribs. So, ready your cameras and modelling skills to have outstanding photographs of you with this beautiful place.

The Southern Ridges, notable for its natural beauty, highlights the following:

  • Forest Walk and Canopy Walk: These are bridges where you can walk going through Adinandra, Belukar, a unique type of secondary forest where you can look for an array of flora and fauna.
  • Berlayer Creek: This place is located at Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk, where it gives you a breath of fresh air.

In addition to the things that we need to remember, the schedule for the lighting of parks are:

  • For Alexandra Arch (changing LED lights): 7 pm to 12 am daily.
  • Lighting hours for Forest Walk: 7 pm to 12 am and 5 am to 7 am daily.
  • Lighting hours for Henderson Waves: 7 pm to 7 am daily.
  • Safety LED lights on bridges: 7 pm to 7 am daily.

Wear your best fitness outfit, bring your cameras, and prepare yourself to be astonished in this bastion of myriads of flora and fauna. Come and visit this nature trail in Chinatown.

Tip: You may want to know about the weather in Singapore while preparing for your visit to the nature trials.

Nature Trails in Chinatown To Visit or Burn Some Calories


Mount Faber Peak

After an exciting yet tiring walking and jogging at Southern Ridges, it’s time to loosen up and have a comfy trip to Mount Faber Peak. Expect a serene nature viewing with this exceptional nature trail in Chinatown.

Mount Faber Peak has been the home of Singapore’s iconic cable cars since 1974. It is the only hilltop destination in Singapore with heart-stopping views of Harbour, Sentosa, and the Singaporean Skyline.  Surrounded by a greeny backdrop, this place can give tranquil leisure to travellers who want to stay away from the bustling and crowded city.

Here are some activities to enjoy:

Wings Of Time

A magical play with the use of modern 3D animations that excite the kids and those who are kids at heart. It is located at Sentosa Island from 7:40 am to 8:40 pm daily.


  • Premium Seat: S$ 15.30 per person.
  • Local Special Rate:
  • Standard Seat: S$ 12.60 per person.
  • Premium Seat: S$ 16.10 per person.

Cable Cars


  • Online Exclusive: CNY Oxpicious Deal (Mt. Faber line & Sentosa line):

It has an S$ 8.00 off Cable Car Sky Pass (Round Trip) with a free upgrade to unlimited rides. The promo period is from January 28 to February 28.

  • For Adult with a 1-day unlimited ride: S$ 27.00
  • For Child with 1-day unlimited rides: S$ 17.00
  • Local Special Rate:
  • For Adult (1 round trip): S$ 25.00
  • For Child (1 round trip): S$ 10.00

There are two types of tour packages to avail:

Gai-Gai Tour

  • Tour inclusion: 2 hours of tour and inclusion of 10% off dining at Arbora Hilltop Garden and Bistro with a minimum spend of S$ 50, and 10% off purchase from Singapore Cable Car Gift Shop with a minimum spend of S$ 10.


  • For Adult: S$ 20.00
  • For Child: S$ 15.00

Sentosa Island Guided Tour:

  • Tour inclusion: 2 hours of the tour with a tour guide.


  • Online Exclusive Rates:
  • For Adult: S$ 21.25
  • For Child: S$ 17.00
  • Local Special Rates:
  • For Adult: S$ 15.00
  • For Child: S$ 10.00

Nature Trails in Chinatown To Visit or Burn Some Calories


Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Getting away from the boisterous city is one of the things you must-do if you want to relieve stress. One of the effective stress relievers is activating your endorphins. So how do you activate these brain chemicals while being in a bustling Chinatown district?

The key to that mind-boggling question is to get up from our beds, wear our hiking gears, and be ready to go to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, one of the highly recommended nature trails in Chinatown.

But, before you do some stretching, there are things that you need to know to have an idea of what’s inside Bukit Timah.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is known for its multitudinous native plant species of Singapore. It is protected and preserved under the virtue of the Parks and Trees Act 2005. In 2011, it was awarded as ASEAN Heritage Park.

With its fruitful history, Bukit Timah is also a place for cyclists and hikers. It is known for its oldest biking trail in the country. A perfect place to activate your endorphins and say goodbye to our stressful days.

How to Get to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve?

There are two ways to go there. One is by bus and the other is by MRT.

By Bus:

  •  Ride bus 67, 75, 170, 171, 184, 852, 961 gets off at Jalan Anak Bukit Road, opposite Beauty World Centre (Bus stop I.D.: 43109). You can also alight at Upper Bukit Timah Road, opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (Bus stop I.D.: 42091)


  • Alight at Beauty World MRT Station, take exit A.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve opens daily from 7 am to 7 pm. Visitors cannot stay inside beyond 7 pm.

These are the top nature trails in Chinatown that are worthy of your time and effort. A true sanctuary for nature lovers, fitness enthusiasts, history buffs, and family bonding. A must-try and certified eco-friendly destinations. You can contact us for the best hotel deals in Chinatown.