Restaurants Around Chinatown Singapore

Restaurants Around Chinatown Singapore

The Complete Guide to Popular Restaurants Around Chinatown Singapore

Being one of Singapore’s oldest and historic cities, Chinatown is famous for its cultural places and food. Chinatown is the best place to set up a food business in Singapore. From street foods to the world’s famous restaurants, Chinatown offers a variety of choices for people with different palettes and tastes. Regardless of these differences, Chinatown food places agree on one thing: enjoying quality food at an affordable price with a peaceful environment. In this article, we will discuss the famous restaurants around Chinatown. 

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Hyang Yeon BBQ Korean Restaurant

Located at Chinatown point, this restaurant is famous for its delicious BBQ. For people who love Korean flavored BBQ more than anything else, it is a place to visit once in a lifetime. Their highly-recommended BBQ Buffet is available every day. This mega offer covers appetizers, premium meat, free flow meat, and free stew. 

Price is also significantly low when you compare it to other restaurants. The bills range from $38++ for adults, $36++ for students, and children of height 90-120 CM can get an extravagant discount of 19 Dollars than an adult. This price rate is from Monday to Thursday night buffet. Pancakes (kimchi, seafood), Japchae, Tteokbokki will be served for a 100-minute buffet. For meat lovers, they will get an unlimited amount of Spicy chicken, garlic chicken, spicy pork belly, thinly sliced beef, etc. Not only this, people will get free stew as well.

Tsukada Nojo

Tsukada Nojo is very famous for its premium dish Bijin Nabe. People use melted collagen to prepare the broth, which is the heart of this scrumptious dish. Jidori chicken, which has a significant price in the market, is the main source of collagen. Local dishes are also available in this restaurant, like a fish ball with cheese, meaty balls, yuba skin with seafood paste, etc., with a price of $6 each.

Peach Garden

This restaurant is famous for serving Cantonese cuisine. This restaurant offers a Lunar New Year set menu at various prices with various dishes incorporated in the set. For example, a set at $98++ per person (minimum two people) comes with Salmon Yu Sheng with avocado, braised Baby Superior shark’s fin with fresh crab meat and crab roe, pan-fried king pan with crispy milk and golden yolk, braised baby abalone in fortune bag stuffed with minced chicken and seasonal vegetables, fried organic brown rice and glutinous rice with chicken sausage, double-boiled “tang yuan” with treasures and tian shan “bird’s nest”, and a signature fragrant pandan nian gao. What a treat!


This new restaurant is getting rave reviews already for its fiery black tonkatsu ramen, which costs $12.80 – perfectly reasonable for foodies who want to try something new. The noodles are made from premium Hokkaido wheat, which explains its springy, chewy texture. But the real kicker in this ramen is the pork bone broth. The dish is drizzled with black garlic oil, which complements the soup base very well upon serving. 

While the dish is tasty and savoury on its own, you can still add other ingredients like bamboo shoots and spring onion for a different taste. Other dishes include tantan mazesoba ($10.80), kurobuta stew ($11.80), spicy chicken wings ($11.80), and more. 

Gochi-So Shokudo

Iberico pork feast is a premium dish of this beautiful Chinatown point restaurant, and pork is directly imported from Spain. Iberico tonkatsu sets are also available in this restaurant which is good for tonkatsu fans. Other available dishes are belly don ($10.00), collar steak ($16.80), jowl don ($13.800), etc.

Menya Musashi Bukotsu

Located at New Bridge Road, this restaurant is a pioneer of ramen in Japan. A combination of chicken, pork, and bonito are used to prepare the broth of the ramen. This broth is incorporated in red, white, and black ramen.

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

It is a long-serving and the first Japanese yakitori restaurant. Fresh ingredients grilling over flaming charcoal is the method of preparation of yakitori. Lambchop, pork with shiso leaf, chicken buttocks, etc., are popular meats over here. Other menus include salmon teriyaki don ($13), miso beef stick don ($16), etc.

Monster Curry

It is a Japanese chain restaurant popular for its monster size curry serving 35-41 cm plates. This is the only restaurant in Singapore that serves “demi-glaze” curry sauce and slow-cooked sauce. Mixed berries honey toast (10.80) also available in this restaurant for people loving the sweet taste. 

Hoshino Coffee

Hand drip coffee and souffle pancakes are the signature products of this Japanese-originated cafe. Arabica coffee beans selected by coffee blend specialist Master Kanno are used to make the coffee. You can get souffle pancakes for $9.80 for single and $12.00 for double.


Located at Jiak Chuan road, it is a contemporary Spanish restaurant. Its famous dishes include Esquina’s Spanish omelet $6 per piece, Grilled Spanish octopus at $28, Spanish suckling pig belly at $32, and many others.

Pho Street

If you love Vietnamese pho, this is THE place to visit. The signature dish, pho beef combination, just costs $13.90 for the set, and you can add ingredients like beef slices, beef balls, beef tendons with the pho noodles.

Other famous restaurants around Chinatown are Taikoo lane Hotpot, le petit chef, Oriental Chinese restaurant, Spring court restaurant, Shang Palace, Eight treasures vegetarian, etc., which offer delicious food at a reasonable price. 


These are the best standalone food shops and restaurants in Chinatown. Other famous restaurants are Taikoo lane Hotpot, le petit chef, Oriental Chinese restaurant, Spring court restaurant, Shang Palace, Eight treasures vegetarian, etc. which offer delicious food at a reasonable price.