Secret Spots to Take Instagram-Worthy Shots Near Chinatown Singapore

Secret Spots to Take Instagram-Worthy Shots Near Chinatown Singapore

Secret Spots to Take Instagram-Worthy Shots Near Chinatown Singapore

It is undeniable that Instagram has modified the way we travel. This social media website has solidified its role in capturing our memories. Travelling somewhere and not posting a picture to this website does not feel enough anymore for some of us. Nowadays, sharing our photos with our friends and family through Instagram has played a vital role in our lives.  

If you are looking for places to visit that would look good on your feed, we strongly suggest Singapore! Aside from the culture, Singapore is one of the travel destinations with top-tier Instagram-worthy spots all over the place. In Singapore, there is balance and contrast between the picturesque nature and the modern high-rise structures. Thus, this place has been a dream destination for a lot of us. 

If you are looking for secret spots to take Instagram-worthy shots near Chinatown, you are in luck! Spice up your experience when you travel in Singapore with its Instagrammable locations. Without further ado, here are our top 12 most Instagram-worthy places around the area. If you want to amaze your social media audience with your Singapore trip, read on!

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

You may visit this destination at the very heart of Chinatown. As we all know, this area is a hustling and bustling place during the daytime. Thus, drop by at the wee hours of dawn to get the perfect shot. We all know that photobombers are a huge no-no, and we would want to avoid those at all costs. Walk around the temple, first to discover your most preferred camera angle. Make sure to capture the beauty of Chinese architecture along with your OOTD!

Lower Peirce Reservoir

The Lower Peirce is the second oldest reservoir in the country. You can find this reservoir in the northern parts of Singapore. Though it is somewhat far away from downtown, it is not that long of a drive, so you can still get here without hassle. The best thing about this spot is its very serene and tranquil waters. Take a picture with the beautiful view of the sunset in the reservoir as your backdrop.

Chinese and Japanese Garden

The Chinese Garden is just adjacent and connected to the Japanese Garden. Both are outdoor spots are perfect places for Instagram-worthy shots near Chinatown. Here, you may find gorgeous pagodas, ponds, and bridges. If you are a nature-loving person, you will surely love this place.

Secret Spots to Take Instagram-Worthy Shots Near Chinatown Singapore

Swan Lake Gazebo

If you are going for a dreamlike and fairytale-like feed, you should not miss the Swan Lake Gazebo! This place looks like something straight out of your childhood storybook. You may also take a picture of the wildlife present around the area.

National Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden is a haven for flora lovers! It showcases over 1000 species of orchids and 2000 hybrid species. This orchid garden is one of the prettiest in Singapore, and it deserves a spot on your Instagram feed. Take pictures of the green archways, the giant birdcages, and the fountains as well! Before entering, you must pay an amount of SGD 5 for adult entrance fees. 

Japanese Cemetery Park

One great thing about the Japanese Cemetery Park is that not many people come to visit this area. Thus, you are less likely to have photobombers in your photos! Walk around the park and enjoy its iconic pink blooms while taking beautiful photos. However, keep in mind that this park is a cemetery, and you have to show respect at all times.

Chinatown Bridge

The Chinatown Bridge is another spot for Instagram-worthy shots near Chinatown! This bridge is a high-traffic spot, so you must exercise caution and safety when taking pictures. A smiling picture of you on the Chinatown Bridge is an Instagram feed must-have.

ArtScience Museum

You can find the ArtScience Museum right next to Marina Bay Sands. This museum is one of Singapore’s best museums! There are a lot of Instagrammable areas inside, such as the room with bright sparkly lights.

Aside from its Instagram appeal, the ArtScience Museum is a fun, interesting, and engaging place to spend your time. Awaken the child in you and marvel at the different exhibitions in the museum. 

Houses of Tan Teng Niah 

Another great spot for Instagram-worthy shots near Chinatown, Houses of Tan Teng Niah is for people looking for a pop of colour to bring life to your Instagram feed. These bright-coloured houses are excellent backgrounds for your travel photos. Make sure to explore the different angles of the Tan Teng Niah houses and the other colourful establishments nearby!

Secret Spots to Take Instagram-Worthy Shots Near Chinatown Singapore

Water Lily Pond Viewpoint

 The Water Lily Pond Viewpoint is one of the best viewpoint spots for Marina Bay Sands by far. This particular spot offers the most picturesque view of the bay. If you are in the area, do not make the mistake of missing this spot! Remember to be careful when sitting at the rock and taking your perfect photo. You do not want to fall over into the pond!

Old Hill Street Police Station

A police station may not be the first location to come to mind when thinking of Instagram-worthy spots. However, consider Old Hill Street Police Station different. This police station has rainbow-colored blinds that pop against the white walls of the building. This establishment is the perfect backdrop for your travel photo! When taking a picture here, be careful of the traffic.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer might not be a secret spot at all, but an Instagram-worthy list would be incomplete without it! This giant Ferris wheel offers a lot of photo opportunities. You may choose to have it as a backdrop for your portrait photos. However, if you feel adventurous, you may ride the Ferris wheel and take a picture there! The Singapore Flyer showcases stunning views of the Singapore skyline that you do not want to miss. 

Capture the Best Memories in Singapore!

The above were the best spots to take Instagram-worthy shots near Chinatown. Despite the present Instagram and social media hype, you must remember to always live in the moment. Capturing photos is not the end-be-all of travelling; sometimes, your own two eyes are the best cameras. Make sure that you have fully taken in and experienced the beauty of your surroundings. Until then, it is the perfect time to click away and take the perfect shot. Also, you can visit this link for the best hotels in Chinatown Singapore.