Why Is Singapore Still the Best Place to Work in Asia?

Why Is Singapore Still the Best Place to Work in Asia?

These Reasons Will Show You Why Singapore is the Best Place to Work in Asia

Why Is Singapore Still the Best Place to Work in Asia?

Singapore is currently ranked among the world’s most developed nations and attracts many foreign workers annually. Considered as the gateway to the APAC region, Singapore’s advantages are its favorable climate, business-friendly policies, low tax rates, a corruption-free environment, among other factors. All these conditions make Singapore the best place in Asia to work, and therefore, moving here would be the best decision to make

Let us look in detail at the factors that make Singapore the best place to work:

You Will Love It’s Rich Heritage

There are many things you could do to relax and enjoy yourself in Singapore. You get various entertainment options, such as watching an opera at the Esplanade or taking a nice evening walk along the waterfront. Try visiting one of the several exciting nightspots, or soak in the natural beauty at some of the beautifully landscaped gardens. If you love food, you can try the best of Asia’s cuisine at street-side noodle stalls or the modern, world-class restaurants.

It Has a Great Work Culture

Singapore provides the perfect environment for developing your career and offers numerous job opportunities in various sectors. Acquiring a work permit is a simple process that you can do entirely online. There is no need to stand in long queues or submit a large number of documents. You can also apply for permanent residency easily after staying for over a year here. It is also a hassle-free process that can be done online.

The multicultural environment in Singapore offers opportunities to network with people worldwide and develop good relationships. Singapore companies hire many overseas employees and offer excellent benefit packages to lure talented people from abroad. They provide employees with several benefits like healthcare, education, retirement, and childcare. English, being the main working language, there are no communication hurdles.

Singaporeans have a welcoming attitude towards foreigners, and there are minimal chances of racial discrimination. There is zero corruption here, and the crime rate is very low compared to other Asian nations.

Economic Prosperity

Recent surveys reveal that Singapore ranks among the top three prosperous economies in the world. Despite the turbulent financial times worldwide on the manufacturing and services industry’s strength, the economy has been growing. Singapore boasts some of the highest salaries among developed countries. Skilled engineers, doctors, and other professionals can expect lucrative salaries and other benefits. You can judge Singapore’s growth from the fact that most wealthy Singaporeans have accumulated their wealth in under ten years. Singapore’s education standards are very high, and there are abundant opportunities for career development.

Infrastructure is world-class with a speedy, efficient Mass Rapid Transit Rail network, frequent taxi service, and an extensive bus network. Some of the world’s biggest tech companies, like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft, have their offices here.

Close Proximity to Key Asian Countries

Another big advantage of working in Singapore is its nearness to other Asian nations like Thailand, Malayalam, Indonesia, Myanmar, or Cambodia. Flight rates are very cheap, and there are also bus services to Malaysia and Thailand, making travel easily affordable. While working here, you can visit any of these nations during vacations and enjoy a carefree time with your family. Singapore’s access to the ready, booming markets of countries like Indonesia and Malaysia is a great plus point for investors.

Why Is Singapore Still the Best Place to Work in Asia?

Personalized Employment Pass and its Advantages and Flexibility

With the launch of the Personalised Employment Pass, foreign executives working in Singapore can enjoy more flexibility while searching for jobs here. They can stay for six months while they explore different job opportunities in various industries. Pass-holders are also not confined to work with a single employer. They need not cancel or apply again if they are changing their jobs. The pass also allows them to work in any sector of their choice and remains valid for three years.

By obtaining an APEC Business Travel Card in Singapore, you can travel to any fully-participating APEC economy visa-free. Singapore is the gateway to most APEC nations, and the card lets you stay 60 to 90 days in the economy you visit. You can attend business meetings, make business transactions, or explore other business options in any of the precleared APEC nations. The card speeds up the airports’ immigration clearance processes, giving you more time to focus on your business activities.

Singapore is undoubtedly the perfect place for you to work in Asia. With its vibrant culture, unlimited career opportunities, and favorable work conditions, Singapore is the best place for professional development and financial prosperity.

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